Smart Contract Security

a) Smart Contract Transparency: All smart contracts and security audit results are publicly available to all users. In the future, real-time security monitoring scan results of smart contracts will also be made available after anonymization. This allows users to have real-time visibility into the security and reliability of deployed smart contracts.

b) Following the software development SDL process, basic security requirements such as anti-replay protection, parameter authentication, and data callback verification are proposed during the requirements review stage. After development is complete, multiple security vendors are invited to conduct security audits. Smart contracts are deployed only after passing the security audit without any security risks, ensuring the elimination of security vulnerabilities.

c) Through the Bug Bounty program, generous rewards are offered for the discovery of unknown vulnerabilities. This incentivizes more users to identify security risks, thereby enhancing smart contract security and ensuring that smart contracts operate without any security risks.

d) Through the utilization of on-chain smart contract monitoring security products, MUFEX enables real-time identification of risks during smart contract transactions. By leveraging time-lock smart contracts, MUFEX efficiently blocks risky transactions, thereby upgrading the post-incident monitoring approach that fails to prevent financial losses. This real-time prevention method during transactions significantly enhances the overall security of smart contract transactions."

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