Network Security

a) Network Access Control

i) MUFEX strictly divides the network based on functional areas and classifies network zones according to their security importance. Access to a specific functional area requires authentication and authorization through zero-trust and bastion products before accessing the corresponding resources.

b) Network Anomaly Detection and Access Monitoring

i) Through proactive and passive anomaly detection systems, MUFEX performs real-time scanning and monitors network security policy anomalies, non-standard services, non-standard ports, weak passwords, abnormal access, and attack behaviors. In the event of an anomaly, security personnel are alerted to take appropriate actions.

c) DDoS and Network Attack Defense

i) Accessing MUFEX services entails traversing a robust Content Delivery Network (CDN) combined with dynamic access acceleration, effectively concealing the actual service IP. This sophisticated security measure significantly heightens the challenge of any direct attacks on the service.

ii) MUFEX has deployed Google Cloud's advanced DDoS protection services and Web Application Firewall (WAF) products to effectively mitigate traffic-based DDoS attacks and service connection-based CC attacks.

d) Network Transmission Encryption

i) MUFEX guarantees the security of data during network transmission by leveraging the robust HTTPS and WSS protocols, effectively safeguarding against eavesdropping and tampering attempts.

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