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Why is deposit necessary?

To ensure users enjoy a lightning-fast trading experience and capture the ever-changing market opportunities, MUFEX requires users to deposit USDT into its MainTreasury smart contract. The funds held in the MainTreasury smart contract are secured by on-chain asset zero-knowledge proofs, ensuring the ownership and control rights of the users.

How to deposit?

During the deposit process, we aim to accommodate the distinct requirements of web2 and web3 users by providing two deposit methods.
  • Users have the option to transfer funds from their wallets directly to the designated deposit smart contract, mirroring the familiar experience found on other decentralized exchange (DEX) platforms.
  • Additionally, users can also withdraw funds from alternative wallets or exchange platforms to the deposit smart contract address, resembling the conventional experience observed on centralized exchange (CEX) platforms.

Deposit restrictions

At present, we have implemented deposit support for two blockchain networks: Arbitrum and Polygon, where funds from these networks are securely consolidated into the MainTreasury smart contract on the Arbitrum network. This approach ensures the utmost security for users' assets.
Moreover, we have a roadmap to extend our deposit support to include more blockchain networks, offering users enhanced convenience and flexibility when depositing their funds.
Please note that currently we only support deposits of USDT, and the minimum deposit amount must exceed 1 USDT. Other tokens or amounts below the minimum deposit requirement will not be credited on the platform.

When will the deposit be credited?

Once the deposit transaction is successfully recorded on the blockchain, it will undergo a confirmation process.
  • On the Arbitrum network, approximately 100 confirmations, which typically take around 40 seconds, are required before your funds become available for trading on MUFEX.
  • On the Polygon network, approximately 300 confirmations, taking around 10 minutes, are needed for the funds to be accessible for trading on the platform.
You can check the status of your deposit records at any time on the transaction history page