How to get an Apple ID in the US

Step 1: register ID on the official website

  1. Use a browser to visit Apple's official website:

  2. Scroll the bottom and switch the country to United States, then click Account > Manage Your Apple ID > Create Your Apple ID at the bottom of the new page.

  1. Fill in the registration information (name/country/birthday/email/password/rule accept). Then enter the email verification code and wait for the confirmation of successful registration.

In the email address on this page, you need to specify a new email, which has not yet been registered with an Apple ID. The country of registration must be "USA". It's also better that the date of birth is 18 years before today or earlier.

  1. Provide a phone number. You can receive the SMS verification code with any phone number by switching the country code in the dropdown. For example, choose "+86 China mainland" for Chinese phone numbers.

  1. Select "Continue". Enter the verification code and wait for confirmation of your registration.

Step 2: go to the App Store to activate the new ID

  1. Exit the original ID: open the App Store on your phone, click on the avatar in the upper right corner, and scroll to the bottom of the page to exit the original ID.

  1. Log in to the new ID: log in with the ID account and password you just registered in the US, click Review in the pop-up confirmation box to enter the activation page.

  1. Select United States, click Agree and click Next.

  1. After you've entered your payment information, go to the App Store and download the Bitget app.

Appendix: How to get a US virtual address and mobile number

Search "US address generator" in Baidu. Select a website to generate a virtual US address and mobile number.

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