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MUFEX is dedicated to providing the optimal user experience by offering a seamless DEX experience for web3 users.
Additionally, we are constantly working towards bridging the gap for traditional web2 users, enabling them to benefit from both the familiarity of a centralized exchange (CEX) experience and the enhanced asset security provided by DEX technology.
Consequently, we offer two distinct onboarding experiences.
Our goal is to ensure that users from all backgrounds can enjoy the benefits of MUFEX while maintaining the highest standards of usability, security, and convenience.

For users without a web3 wallet

  • We provide the convenience of registering and logging in directly using email or social accounts.
  • Through our trusted partner, Unipass, we offer a non-custodial abstract account wallet service that seamlessly integrates with MUFEX.
  • By utilizing Unipass, users can effortlessly obtain their own decentralized wallet while enjoying the full benefits of our DEX services.
  • With complete control over their assets, users can rest assured that their funds are securely managed by their decentralized wallet, as long as they maintain the security of their email or social accounts.

For users with web3 wallets

  • We support the two most popular wallet connectivity options: MetaMask and WalletConnect.
  • By simply connecting their preferred wallet and verifying ownership through signature authentication, users can seamlessly access MUFEX and indulge in the excitement and profitability of trading.
Our aim is to provide a diverse range of onboarding methods that cater to users' preferences, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for all.