6️⃣Earn via MLP


MLP stands for MUFEX Liquidity Pool, which is used by everyone to provide liquidity for MUFEX and earn fee rewards.

  • Buy/Sell MLP - In the upper left corner you can purchase MLP tokens to earn trading fees.

  • MLP Details - In the upper right corner you can find MLP token information, your MLP balance and claim your fee rewards.

  • MLP Trade History - At the bottom of the page, you can find the latest 100 trade records of Mufex Liquidity Pool. This is public data for everyone.

Buy/Sell MLP Tokens

Buy MLP Tokens

  1. Enter the USDT amount you want to use. The MLP tokens you will receive will be calculated immediately based on MLP price.

    1. The USDT amount must be less than the available balance in your Trading Account.

  2. Click the "Buy MLP" button.

  3. You will get MLP tokens immediately.

Sell MLP Tokens

The steps of Sell MLP tokens are similar to Buy MLP tokens.

Claim Rewords

  1. Check your rewards after you buy some MLP tokens

    1. Rewards are given every 5 minutes.

  2. Click the "Claim" button

The rewards will be put back to your Trading Account after claim.

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