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MUFEX Perpetual Trading System

MUFEX Perpetual Trading System is a decentralized platform that leverages the order book model and is powered by ZK-rollups technology.
By integrating the order-book and liquidity pool mechanisms, we provide up to 150X leverage trading with minimal spreads and a high degree of liquidity.
Our innovative platform combines a centralized matching engine capable of 100K matches per second, Zero-Knowledge Rollups to substantially reduce gas fees.
As a comprehensive perpetual contract system, it offers a wide range of features:
  • Supports market orders, limit orders, and conditional orders.
  • Enables take-profit and stop-loss functionality.
  • Provides options for both isolated margin and cross margin modes.
  • Supports up to 150X leverage trading.
In addition, our system incorporates robust trading rules to ensure effective risk management and the overall security of the perpetual contract mechanism.
For detailed contract information, please follow the link provided below.