Data Security

a) Data Transmission

i) Data transmission within the system will adhere to varying security levels based on different ratings. To safeguard sensitive information, whether internal or external, robust data encryption measures will be employed to prevent eavesdropping or tampering during the transmission process."

b) Data Storage

i) MUFEX does not store or record any user private key-related information at any stage. Strict security controls and inspection mechanisms are in place to detect any violations.

ii) A Key Management System (KMS) is used to manage the lifecycle of different keys for application services and sensitive data types. KMS keys are authenticated and transmitted using industry-standard envelope encryption.

iii)For optimal security, sensitive data undergoes encryption and signing before being stored. During usage, the data's signature is verified prior to decryption and utilization.

iv) Through proactive discovery methods, any sensitive information that is inappropriately stored in databases or logs is detected in real-time. Once discovered, internal teams prioritize and handle such incidents following security event standards.

c) Data Access

i) User-related data in MUFEX, such as user origin information, user identity information, and user transaction information, are considered highly confidential. Without user authorization, no one can obtain the decryption key to access user data.

ii) Real-time monitoring is conducted on data access behaviors. If any unauthorized access is detected, it triggers an alert, and security personnel follow up with appropriate actions.

d) Data Disposal

i) MUFEX users can request the deletion of their personal accounts by contacting customer service and providing proof of ownership. According to user preferences, MUFEX will delete and anonymize all relevant user data.

ii) All data deletion and anonymization techniques comply with industry standards and legal requirements.

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