8️⃣Common Questions

What is Unipass Wallet?

The unipass wallet is a partner of Mufex, providing non-custodial abstract account wallet solutions for MUFEX users.

After the user registers with an email address at MUFEX, unipass will generate an abstract account wallet for the user.

This wallet can be used for deposit and withdrawal, and is also used to ensure the ownership of the user's assets in MUFEX.

The private key of this wallet is managed by Unipass' MPC solution, and MUFEX can not obtain or store the user's private key.

I don't see funds in my balance after deposit/withdrawal?

Because both deposit and withdrawal need to wait for the block confirmation on the chain, the arrival time depends on the busyness of the blockchain.

Why do I need to deposit first?

To ensure users enjoy a lightning-fast trading experience and capture the ever-changing market opportunities, MUFEX requires users to deposit USDT into its MainTreasury smart contract.

The funds held in the MainTreasury smart contract are secured by on-chain asset zero-knowledge proofs, ensuring the ownership and control rights of the users.

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