Funds Recovery Guide

As a leading global cryptocurrency trading platform, MUFEX utilizes advanced technology and best practices to ensure the security of your assets and provides an efficient and reliable recovery process. If your deposited funds have not been credited to your personal MUFEX account, you can apply for recovery through our online customer service. Our professional team will carefully review each application and assess the feasibility of recovery.

Conditions applicable for recovery:

  • The target address of the blockchain transfer is your personal MUFEX account's deposit address.

  • The status of the blockchain transfer must be "confirmed/successful" and reach a certain block height.

Situations not applicable for recovery:

  • Wrong address: If you entered a wrong address and the funds have already been transferred out of your account, we are unable to assist with recovery.

  • Transfer to a third party: If the funds were transferred to someone else’s account and did not arrive.

Costs for recovering deposited funds:

Fees are only required if the recovery of deposited funds is successful. Details are as follows:

Type of Deposit RecoveryEstimated Time*Fee*Outcome

Recovery of old/delisted tokens

2-3 days

Network withdrawal fee


Deposit not credited

2-3 days



Deposit of unsupported tokens via supported network

14 days



Deposit of unsupported tokens via unsupported EVM network

30 days



If a fee is required, please follow these steps:

  • Contact official customer service to obtain the correct official address.

  • Transfer the necessary fee to that address.

Please note, handling of such issues is conducted solely through official customer service channels to ensure security and effectiveness. Due to factors such as development resources, manpower, and technical complexity, we cannot guarantee successful recovery of funds, nor can all deposits be recovered. Ultimately, the security of your funds is your responsibility, and it is essential to thoroughly understand our services before use.

Disclaimer: This table only includes general situations; some recovery processes may take longer. Many factors can extend recovery times, including unsupported token types and the complexity of the recovery. Fees may change and are not fixed; they may vary based on market conditions, operational costs, and technological advancements.

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