The process of withdrawing funds from the MUFEX platform is designed to be highly convenient, secure, and flexible for users.

In addition, we provide a Dunkirk Asset Recovery mode that ensures users have the ability to retrieve their funds even in the unlikely event of MUFEX platform downtime. This is achieved by leveraging on-chain asset proofs to unlock and retrieve their assets from the MainTreasury smart contract.


Withdrawal supports multiple chains and guarantees swift processing and timely arrival of funds.

The withdrawal amount per transaction must exceed 2 USDT and be below 20,000 USDT.

Withdrawal Transaction Fees

The Withdrawal service incurs a flat transfer fee of 1 USDT (Tron for 2 USDT) for each withdrawal request.

This fee covers various components, including the gas fees for on-chain transfers, the costs associated with managing funds across multiple chains, as well as the maintenance expenses for providing the Fast Withdrawal service.

Security Measures for Withdrawals

To enhance the security of user withdrawals, the current process allows users to withdraw funds exclusively to their connected wallets.

Moreover, as an additional security measure, users will be required to sign the withdrawal transaction. This ensures that the transaction is authorized and initiated by the user, and the blockchain will validate and confirm the authenticity of the withdrawal request. By implementing these measures, we aim to protect user funds and provide a robust withdrawal experience on our platform. This feature is currently under development and will be available soon.

Dunkirk Asset Recovery

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