MUFEX is Upgrading MLP and Copy Trading Features

Dear MUFEX Users,

We are thrilled to announce that in order to further enhance our services and improve user experience, MUFEX's MLPand Copy Trading features will undergo major upgrades on July 1. Here are the detailed updates:

Upgrade to MLP 2.0: In the upcoming MLP 2.0 version, we will introduce an improved market-making algorithm to significantly reduce slippage, ensuring smoother and more efficient trade execution. Additionally, we will strengthen our risk control measures, especially in facing extreme market fluctuations, to better protect the assets of MLP holders. To facilitate a smooth upgrade process, users are required to temporarily move their funds to their trading accounts before July 1. You may choose to actively sell your MLP; if not handled by the deadline, MUFEX will automatically convert your MLP into USDT at the best price from the past week and transfer it to your trading account. After the launch of MLP 2.0, you can repurchase according to your individual needs.

Upgrade to Copy Trading 2.0: We are also comprehensively upgrading the Copy Trading feature, including an optimization of the user interface to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly trading environment. The addition of high-profit follow signals will enable users to more effectively follow the top-performing traders in the market. For a smooth upgrade, users need to cancel their current follow trades and move their funds to the trading account before July 1. If positions are not closed or funds not transferred by the deadline, MUFEX will automatically move the follow positions to the contract trading interface, discontinue following the original traders, and transfer funds in USDT to your account. After the launch of Copy Trading 2.0, you can reset your follow trades as needed.

We believe these upgrades will significantly enhance your trading experience on the MUFEX platform and assist you in more effectively managing and growing your assets. Please stay tuned for further notices to learn more about the upgrade details and specific launch times.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in MUFEX. We look forward to serving you in the new version.

Happy trading!

The MUFEX Team

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