How to solve recharge error?

Dear MUFEX Global Users,

If you encounter issues with incorrect deposits, please follow these steps:

Deposits to a non-MUFEX address: If you deposit to an address not associated with MUFEX, we are unable to retrieve these funds for you.

Deposits below the minimum amount: If your deposit amount is less than the minimum required, MUFEX will not be able to credit your account.

Depositing currency type A to MUFEX's currency type B address (e.g., depositing BTC to a MUFEX BSC address): Please provide your UID, the type of currency deposited, the amount deposited, the deposit address, the blockchain transaction ID, and a detailed explanation of the situation to our customer service email.

Depositing a cryptocurrency not listed on MUFEX to MUFEX: Please contact our customer service at

We will submit the information to our wallet technology team for retrieval processing. As these issues require a significant amount of manpower and time, the processing period for such cases is long, at least one week. Please be patient.


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