MUFEX to Discontinue MLP and Copy Trading Services

Dear MUFEX Users,

Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in the MUFEX platform. We wish to inform you at this important juncture that, due to strategic adjustments, we will be discontinuing our MLP and Copy trading services. The specific date of discontinuation will be detailed in a subsequent announcement.

Please pay attention to the following important matters:

  1. Asset Handling: We encourage all users of the MLP and Copy trading services to proactively withdraw all assets involved in these services. The specific deadline will be announced later. If you do not act by the deadline, we will automatically settle your assets and transfer them to your funding account.

  2. Settlement Details: Specific details will be provided at the time of the deadline announcement. We are committed to ensuring that the settlement process is fair, transparent, and minimizes any impact on your assets.

  3. Customer Support: Should you encounter any problems or need assistance during the asset transfer process, please feel free to contact our customer service team. We are dedicated to serving you and ensuring that your rights are not affected.

  4. Future Service Adjustments and Updates: MUFEX is committed to providing a safer and more efficient investment platform. We will continue to optimize our services and introduce new investment tools and features based on market trends and user feedback.

We understand that these adjustments may cause inconvenience and sincerely apologize for any disruption. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we continue to offer high-quality services and embrace a brighter future together.

Thank you once again for your trust in MUFEX.

Wishing you a pleasant investment experience!


June 27, 2024

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