Why Hasn't My Withdrawal Been Credited?

Cryptocurrency transfers occur in three stages: system review β†’ blockchain confirmation β†’ crediting to the recipient platform.

MUFEX generates a transaction Hash (TXID) within 10-15 minutes. Seeing the transaction Hash in your withdrawal records indicates that MUFEX's transfer processing is complete, and the coins have been transferred to the blockchain.

Due to the characteristics of different blockchains, each transaction within the blockchain requires a certain amount of time to be confirmed and sent to the recipient platform. The number of confirmations required varies by blockchain and by platform. Blockchain congestion, often caused by a high volume of transactions, can unpredictably affect the timing of transfers. You can use the transaction ID (TxID) to check the status of the transfer in the blockchain. Note:

If the blockchain displays the transaction as unconfirmed, please be patient until the confirmation process is completed.

If the blockchain shows that the confirmation is complete, but you have not received your coins, and MUFEX can no longer assist after completing the transfer, please contact the customer service of the recipient platform for assistance.


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