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Trading Fees

Traders are divided into market takers and market makers. Whenever an order is filled, a transaction fee is generated.
  • Market takers are traders who find liquidity and immediately take liquidity. They are subject to Taker fees.
  • Market makers provide liquidity and increase the depth of the order book. They are subject to Maker fees.
  • The fees are deducted from the frozen margin but do not affect the initial margin of the order.
  • Traders can view the transaction fees generated in their trading history.
Note: The following rates apply to all non-VIP users. For more details about VIP rates, please refer to the MUFEX tiered fee structure, coming soon. Fee Structure:
Taker Fee Rate
Maker Fee Rate
Fee = Position Value × Fee Rate
Position Value = Position Quantity × Execution Price
Here's an example:
Trader A places a market order to buy 10 BTC contracts.
Trader B places a limited order to sell 10 BTC contracts.
Assuming the execution price is 18,000 USDT:
Taker Fee for Trader A = 10 × 18000 × 0.09% = 162 USDT
Maker Fee for Trader B = 10 × 18000 × 0.03% = 54 USDT
Therefore, upon order execution, Trader A will pay a Taker fee of 162 USDT, and Trader B will pay a Maker fee of 54 USDT.