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Technology Architecture


  • Enhanced Order Book and Liquidity Pool Model for Improved Capital Efficiency
    • Facilitating participation of top market makers to ensure excellent liquidity and opening up the Liquidity Pool to reduce slippage, thereby supporting a wide range of trading pairs.
    • Leveraging advanced risk control measures from MUFEX to enable leverage of up to 150X.
  • Utilizing Centralized Matching Engine and ZK-rollups for Performance and Transparent Trading
    • MUFEX's matching engine surpasses the limitations of other Smart Contract-based DEX platforms by achieving over 100K matches per second.
    • Employing ZK-rollups solution to bundle transaction(in the future) and asset change records, resulting in significantly reduced gas fees and transparent, verifiable transactions.
  • Smart Contract Account Abstraction Wallet Targeting a Broader User Base
    • Offering a familiar user experience to both Web2 and Web3 users, eliminating the complexities associated with seed phrases and ensuring secure access to the wallet.
    • Providing non-custodial and social recovery options, empowering users with full control over their wallets through on-chain email social recovery. The wallet is ERC-4337 compatible.
    • Implementing privacy protection through the use of zero-knowledge proof technology, enabling email desensitization verification to safeguard users' privacy.

Asset Protection Strategy:

  • Self-custodial: The exchange is designed to ensure that it cannot engage in any malicious activities.
  • Funds are securely held in smart contract accounts that have undergone rigorous audits and testing by reputable security organizations in the industry.
  • In the near future:Forced withdrawal (Exodus mode): This feature prevents the exchange from engaging in any malicious behavior by enforcing mandatory withdrawals.