How to install MUFEX iOS TestFlight

Step 1: Make sure you have a US Apple ID ready

If you don't have an non-mainland Apple ID, you can try to get it in the following ways:

Method 1: register by yourself (reliable and secure)

Learn how to register

Method 2: purchase via Taobao (convenient and fast)

Learn how to buy

If you have already installed MUFEX IOS TestFlight before, please click below link to update the app.

Download MUFEX APP Here

Step 2: Download TestFlight from the App Store.

Click here to download TestFlight APP

Please return to this page after installing TestFlight.

Step 3: Download the MUFEX App in TestFlight.

Download MUFEX APP Here

Step 4: Select Install.

You may launch TestFlight and update the app directly if there is a future version upgrade.

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