1. Perpetual contractβ€˜s information and K-line chart area.

    • You can check the current market stats such as market price, index price, funding rate, change, and turnover.

  2. Orderbook and recent trade area.

    • You can check the depth of different bids and asks in the order book, and the latest trade records on the market.

  3. Place order area.

    • You can place a "Limit", "Market" and "Conditional" order here.

  4. Order records area

    • You can check "Active Position", "Closed PnL", "Active Order", "Conditional Order", "Trade History" and "Order History" here.

Place an order

  1. Choose Leverage

    • The leverage supports up to 150x

  2. Choose Order Type

    • Limit - Limit Order allows traders to set the order price, and the order will be filled at the order price or an executed price better than the order price. It also supports Post-Only and Reduce-Only mode.

    • Market - The market order will be executed at the best price available in the order book at execution time.

    • Conditional - Once the preset trigger price meets the Last traded price, a conditional market order will be filled immediately, while a conditional limit order will be submitted to the order book and pending for execution.

  3. Input Quantity

    • The total order value must be less than your available balance in your Trading Account.

  4. Place Order

    • Buy / Long - Place a long position order

    • Sell / Short - Place a short position order

Close an position

  1. You can find your active position at the bottom of the trading page.

  2. Choose the way of closing position: placing a limit order or a Market order.

    • You can check the description of limit order and market order in the "Place an order" section.

    • The step is similar to placing an order.

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