Decentralized Perpetual Exchange Built For All Traders


Decentralized Perpetual Contract Exchange leveraging on and powered by Order-Book Model ZK-rollups.

MUFEX Advantages:

1.The unique combination of Order-Book and Liquidity Pool mechanism.
2.Continuing centralized matching engine and ZK-rollups to ensure performance and transparent Trades.
3.Smart Contract Account Abstraction Wallet.

Our Value Proposition

1.Can't Be Evil

Open source and all trades and asset settlement 100% on the chain with full decentralization.

2.High Leverage &LP Protected

150X leverage trading with tight spreads is made possible with the unique combination of
order-book and liquidity pool mechanism.

3.Fast & Transparent

Trades are executed instantly and finalized on the blockchain within a few minutes using ZK roll-ups.

4.Seamless Onboarding Experience

Smart contract wallet gives familiar sign-up and login experience by using your everyday accounts like Email, Google, Twitter, and Facebook. No more headaches from seed phrases and wallet interaction for Web2 users.

5.Unrivaled Trading Instruments

Cover all your financial transaction needs - from crypto to money markets.

6.Dual Token Model

Employ both a liquidity pool token and a governance token to attract liquidity and incentivize contributors in the dual token model. Allow loyal users to benefit from a higher mining coefficient and greater rewards by participating in trading, token staking, and referral.

Our Partners

Trading View
Mufex uses TradingView technology to display data on charts.
TradingView is a charting platform for a global community of traders and investors, but it's especially valued by crypto enthusiasts: you can track detailed symbol charts, e.g. BTC USD Chart and ETH USD Chart to always stay on top of where the markets are moving and be prepared for a next trade.